Ad Hoc Committees

Name/Members Charge Initiated Discharged Outcome
ADA Compliance and Technology Gather information on technology and distance learning to help faculty more efficiently address student needs. 9-8-2011 11-20-2014 Student Disability Services takes an active role in testing accomodations for students.
Centers and Institutes Building on Resolution 2016-2017-14, define Centers and Institutes. 2-9-2017 1-11-2018 Resolution 2017-2018-11
Faculty Participation on University Committees Ensure committees developed and maintained by administration are staffed with faculty and have faculty contributing to their mission. 10-5-2017 1-11-2018 Resolution 2017-2018-14
Faculty Salary Equity Study Further define the study requested by the Personnel Committee. 3-30-2017 3-8-2018 Results presented at November 16, 2018 Senate meeting. Provost to address inequities for faculty that fall below the lowest bounds.
Faculty Senate Bylaw Revisions Discuss inclusion of instructors and lecturers; Senate oversight of Senate elections; adding an elected vice chair to committees; and other issues. 4-5-2018 open
Faculty Senate Bylaw Revisions Create distinction between resolutions, bylaws, and constitutional change. Address several other previous changes not approved. 3-17-2016 8-11-2016 Resolution 2017-2018-1
Resolution 2017-2018-1
Resolution 2017-2018-2
Resolution 2017-2018-3
Resolution 2017-2018-4
Resolution 2017-2018-5
Resolution 2017-2018-6
Resolution 2017-2018-7
Resolution 2017-2018-8
Resolution 2017-2018-9
Resolution 2017-2018-10
Resolution 2017-2018-11
Faculty Senate Constitution Revision Address various issues that require revision. 4-30-2009 9-23-2010 Proposed Faculty Constitution
Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaw Revisions Correct inconsistencies and other issues. 4-9-2015 1-14-2016 Proposed Faculty Constitution
Freedom of Expression Discuss both the role of faculty in freedom of expression as well as how to deal with the recently passed legislation that impacts UCF. 3-8-2018 open open
Governance in Academic Units Based on denial of Resolution 2016-2017-9, revise and re-submit resolution. 2-9-2017 11-2-2017 Resolution 2017-2018-5
Grading Scale Consider the possibility of changing the grading scale for undergraduate and graduate programs to include the grading scheme Pass/Fail/Honors. 9-6-2012 2-21-2013 Resolution 2012-2013-4
Student Perception of Instruction (SPoI) - Reduce Items Reduce the number of items to ten, plus the free answer items. 10-2-2012 10-18-2012 Resolution 2012-2013-1, to go live Spring 2013.
Student Perception of Instruction (SPoI) - Response Rate Alternative ways of assessing effectiveness other than SPoI and how to improve the collection of data and increasing response rate. 1-12-2017 3-8-2018 Assigned to the Information Technology Committee
TIP Eligibility Appeals Appeals Committee for 2013-2014 awards. 3-13-2014 2014 none.
TIP, RIA, and SoTL Awards Recommendation Synthesize and resolve differences across the three Academic Affairs sub-committees recommendations on awards. 2-11-2016 3-17-2016 Steering report accepted and forwarded to the Provost.
TIP, RIA, SoTL Review Discuss the role of department chairs in the selection process and draft revisions to the guidelines. 3-1-2012 8-9-2012 Recommendations sent to the Personnel Committee.
Undergraduate Curriculum Handbook Develop a handbook to ensure committee members are clear about processes, structures, and rationales. 11-2-2017 open open