Budget and Administrative Committee Materials

The Budget and Administrative Committee is an operational committee of the Faculty Senate. The committee evaluates and recommends policies and procedures concerning university budget with emphasis on the academic budget and makes recommendations on any administrative procedure that affects faculty members in the performance of their work. For more information concerning the duties of the committee, refer to Budget and Administrative Duties. Below are the official agendas, materials distributed, and approved minutes and materials for each meeting.

Academic Year Agenda and Materials Approved Minutes and Materials
2017-2018 Nov 1 Minutes 10-4-17
Graduate Assistants to Faculty Ratios
pending pending
Oct 4 Minutes 9-6-2017 pending none
Sep 6 Minutes 3-1-2017
Assigned Budget and Administrative Topics for 2017-2018
Sep 6 none
2016-2017 Mar 1 Minutes 2-1-2017 Mar 1 none
Feb 1 Minutes 1-11-2017 Feb 1 UCF Tuition Waiver Benefit Program Presentation
Jan 11 Minutes 12-7-2016 Jan 11 Staffing Needs for New Faculty Presentation
Dec 7 Minutes 11-2-2016
Faculty Cluster Proposal Evaluation Rubric
Faculty Cluster Evaluation Panels
Dec 7 none
Nov 2 Minutes 10-5-2016
Center for Distributed Learning Presentation
Nov 2 none
Oct 5 Minutes 3-16-2016 Oct 5 College Budget Model Update
Example UCF Budget Model for Academic Units
2015-2016 Mar 16 none Mar 16 none
Mar 2 none Mar 2 none
Feb 17 none Feb 17 none
Jan 13 none Jan 13 none
Dec 2 none Dec 2 none
Oct 14 none Oct 14 none
none none Sept 30 none
2014-2015 none none none none
2013-2014 none none Jan 28 none
none none Nov 25 none
none none Oct 23 none
none none Sept 25 none
2012-2013 none none Feb 14 none
none none Dec 6 none
none none Nov 1 none
none none Oct 11 none
none none Sept 13 none
2011-2012 none none Sept 1 none
2010-2011 none none Nov 10 none
none none Oct 8 none
2009-2010 none none none none
2008-2009 none none Jan 22 none
none none Nov 18 none
2007-2008 none none Nov 15 none
none none Oct 18 none
none none Sept 20 none