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Welcome to Faculty Senate

The UCF Faculty Senate is your essential legislative body at the University, representing the collective voice of the faculty. We serve as the primary channel of communication between faculty members and the administration, ensuring that your concerns and ideas are heard. As an advisory group to the president and provost, we actively engage in shared governance, collaborating on important decisions that shape our academic community. Our committees play a crucial role in maintaining academic excellence by reviewing and approving policies, new courses, course changes, new programs, and program revisions. Senate leaders also meet regularly with the provost and other administrators in a more informal setting to discuss issues and find solutions together. In addition to these collaborative efforts, the UCF Faculty Senate can pass formal resolutions to take a stand on key issues or call for action. Some of our recent resolutions have led to significant improvements in faculty life, such as implementing a five-year review process for faculty-facing vice presidents and vice provosts and securing ongoing UCF seed research funding for faculty. We are here to ensure that your voice is part of the University’s ongoing dialogue and decisions.

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The Faculty Senate is composed of 75 elected members from the general faculty. Meet your current Faculty Senate.

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As the representative group of the general faculty, see the most recent resolutions and what has been adopted in the past.

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