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The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Center director on professional improvement and instructional research activities that will enhance teaching and learning excellence and improve assessment and evaluation in all learning environments.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are schedule by the chair of the committee. No action can be taken at committee meetings unless a majority of the voting membership is present.

Committee Reports

The committee submits a brief annual report of the committees’ activities by the end of the second week of August each year. Below are the annual reports for the committee.

Committee Members

Martha Hubertz, Chair
College of Sciences


The committee consists of a minimum of at least one faculty member from each academic unit and a faculty member representing UCF Connect, who shall be the voting members of the committee. The chair and vice chair of the committee shall be a faculty member elected annually by the membership. The ex officio members of the committee shall be the vice president for Information Technologies and Resources (or designee), an associate or senior instructional designer, and the directors (or their designees) of offices that impact teaching and learning, who shall be designated by the director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. Terms of service shall be three years, staggered. Faculty members of the committee are selected by the Committee on Committees in consultation with the director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning and the college deans.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Supporting and developing faculty professional development in areas of teaching, learning and the scholarship of teaching for all faculty, including full-time, adjunct and graduate teaching assistants.
  2. Overseeing and administering professional teaching development activities.
  3. Coordinating the nomination, review and selection of faculty fellowships and other awards for creative teaching and the innovative use of technology in teaching and learning.
  4. Administering and reviewing an annual assessment of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning activities.
  5. Considering and recommending to the Faculty Senate and administration regarding the needs and activities of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.

Committee Guidance

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