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Further define the study requested by the Personnel Committee

Committee initiated on: 8-22-2019

Committee discharged on: 11-18-2021

Outcome: 2020 Faculty Salary Equity Study; 2020 Faculty Salary Equity Study – Compression

Committee Members:

  • Cash, Mason, College of Arts and Humanities, Philosophy
  • Hahs-Vaughn, Debbie, Academic Affairs, Faculty Excellence
  • Lovel, Sarah, Human Resources, Classification and Compensation
  • Merritt, Zachary, Institutional Knowledgement Management
  • Mullins, Alyssa, Institutional Knowledge Management
  • Myers, Nancy, Office of Institutional Equity
  • Rubenking, Bridget, College of Sciences, Communication
  • Tian, Tian, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Walters, Linda, College of Sciences, Biology
  • Watts, Andre, Institutional Knowledge Management, Analytics and Decision Support
  • White, Grace, College of Sciences, Psychology