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Create distinction between resolutions, bylaws, and constitutional change. Address several other previous changes not approved.

Committee initiated on 3-17-2016

Committee discharged on 8-11-2016


Resolution 2017-2018-1
Resolution 2017-2018-1
Resolution 2017-2018-2
Resolution 2017-2018-3
Resolution 2017-2018-4
Resolution 2017-2018-5
Resolution 2017-2018-6
Resolution 2017-2018-7
Resolution 2017-2018-8
Resolution 2017-2018-9
Resolution 2017-2018-10
Resolution 2017-2018-11

Committee Members:

  • Koons, Keith, Chair, College of Arts and Humanities, School of Performing Arts
  • Colley, Kevin, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Harrington, Joe, College of Sciences, Physics
  • Oetjen, Reid, College of Health and Public Affairs, Health Management and Informatics
  • Self, William, College of Medicine, Biomedical Sciences