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The Graduate Council reports graduate and curriculum matters to the Faculty Senate on a monthly basis. Business is conducted by the four committees of the council.

Meeting Schedule

The council as a whole typically meets once a year, unless a specific issue or topic is relevant to the whole council.

For the complete schedule for each of the council subcommittees, see Graduate Council Website.

Meeting Materials

The official agendas, materials distributed, and approved minutes and materials for each subcommittee are distributed and maintained by the College of Graduate Studies and can found on the Graduate Council Website.

Topics Tracker

Topic Status Last Updated
Changes in Education Preferences by Students In Committee 03/04/2022
UCF Policy 2-103.3 Use of Copyrighted Material Completed 07/21/2021
Distance Learning Guidelines Update In Committee 06/21/2021
Additional Course Modalities In Committee 11/20/2020

Committee Members

Stacy Barber, Chair
College of Sciences

Valeriya Shapoval, Vice Chair
Rosen College of Hospitality Management
Hospitality Services


The council shall consist of all of the members of the committees of the Graduate Council and the dean of the College of Graduate Studies (ex officio). All members of the Graduate Council must be Graduate Faculty as specified in the Graduate Catalog. The Committee on Committees shall select the faculty members for all committees of the Graduate Council and shall solicit nominees from the deans of the respective academic units as well as from the dean of the College of Graduate Studies, among others. The council chair and vice chair are elected annually by the membership of the council at the first meeting after the new committee is constituted, normally early in the fall term. The elected chair of the council will serve as the chair of the Graduate Policy Committee. The vice chair of the council will serve as the chair of the Graduate Curriculum Committee.

The following 4 committees are part of the Graduate Council:

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To report to the Senate on graduate policy and curriculum matters. Business is conducted by the four committees of the council, which examine and formulate policies and procedures, hear petitions for variances from graduate program, college, or university requirements, and review graduate course action requests and requests for new programs, among other matters.
  2. To review all matters referred by committees of the Graduate Council.
  3. To transmit its recommendations to the dean of the College of Graduate Studies, who submits his/her recommendations to the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs. The council may also make recommendations to the Steering Committee of the Faculty Senate.
  4. To review all graduate programs within the university on a periodic basis per Board of Trustees guidelines. The review process will include the university program review reports and recommendations based on the review of the annual college reports on the status of graduate programs.

Committee Guidance

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