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Consider improvements to UCF’s internal communication, especially with respect to the Faculty Senate and its operations, but also including general awareness of university activities, concerns, and input by and among all stakeholders.

Committee initiated on: 5-18-2020

Committee discharged on: 11-18-2021


Committee Members:

  • Harrington, Joe, Chair, College of Sciences, Physics
  • Carroll, Laurie, Academic Affairs, Faculty Senate
  • Carroll, Pamela “Sissi”, College of Community Innovation and Education, Dean’s Office
  • Chandia Viano, Nataly, UCF Global, International Affairs and Global Strategies
  • Farless, Patricia, College of Arts and Humanities, History
  • Grajeda, Anthony, College of Arts and Humanities, English
  • Hardy, Kimberly, UCF Connect, UCF Valencia East
  • Miller, Ann, College of Sciences, Nicholson School of Communication & Media
  • Miller, Roslyn, Center for Distributed Learning, Instruction Designer
  • Mukhopadhyay, Kausik, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Muniz, Cyndia, Diversity and Inclusion, HIS Culture and Partnerships
  • Murphey, Missy, University Libraries, Reference
  • Padel, Kristell, College of Nursing, Dean’s Office
  • Rembaum, Benjamin, Student Government Association
  • Sink, Michael, Information Technologies & Resources, UCF IT