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The Library Advisory Committee provides advice to the Libraries concerning materials and services needed by faculty and students in their teaching and research endeavors.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are schedule by the chair of the committee. No action can be taken at committee meetings unless a majority of the voting membership is present.

Committee Members

Amanda Walden, Chair
College of Community Innovation and Education
Health Management and Informatics


The committee shall consist of one faculty member from each academic unit, one college dean, and one department chair, all selected by the Committee on Committees (in consultation with the director of Libraries). Other members include an associate or senior instructional designer, one undergraduate student (appointed by the president of the Student Government Association) and one graduate student (appointed by the dean of the College of Graduate Studies based on the recommendation of the president of the Graduate Student Association). The director of the University Libraries shall serve as an ex officio member. The chair and vice chair of the committee shall be a faculty member of the committee elected at the first meeting at the beginning of each academic year. Terms of service shall be three years, staggered, with the exception of the student members, who shall serve for one year.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To facilitate communication between the Libraries and its academic clientele.
  2. To act as advocates of the Libraries in university-wide decision-making groups.
  3. To act as an advisory council to the Libraries administration.

Committee Reports

By the end of the Spring semester, the committee submits a brief annual report of the committees’ activities. Below are the annual reports for the committee.

Committee Guidance

Interested in serving?