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The Strategic Planning Council recommends to provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, policies to support the university’s strategic planning process, including academic planning, institutional effectiveness, accountability, budget planning, and student services.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are schedule by the chair of the committee. No action can be taken at committee meetings unless a majority of the voting membership is present.

Meeting Materials and Reports

The committee submits a brief annual report of the committees’ activities by the end of the second week of August each year. Below are the annual reports for the committee.


TBD, Chair


  • S. T. Wu
    College of Optics and Photonics; Faculty Representative
  • Christine Rivera
    Undergraduate Studies-Academic Services; Staff Representative
  • Linh Dang
    Addition Financial; Alumni Representative
  • Angela Shaw
    UCF Foundation-Alumni Engagement & Annual Giving; Alumni Representative
  • Paige Borden
    Academic Program Quality and Institutional Knowledge Management; Administrator
  • Patrick Burt
    Communications and Marketing; Administrator
  • Kim Hardy
    UCF Connect; Faculty Representative
  • Pamela Cavanaugh
    Student Learning and Academic Success-UCF Connect; Administrator
  • Adrienne Frame
    Student Development and Enrollment Services-Dean's Office; Ex Officio
  • Zixia Song
    College of Sciences-Mathematics; Faculty Representative
  • Elizabeth Hamilton
    Administration and Finance-Strategic Planning; Administrator-Strategic Planning Council
  • Daniella Lopez
    Student Government Association; Student Representative
  • Maritza Martinez
    Office of the President-University Relations; Ex officio; Committee Administrator, Commencements, Convocations and Recognitions Committee
  • Matthew Hall
    UCF IT-Administration; Ex Officio
  • DeLaine Priest
    Student Learning and Academic Success-Student Success & Advising; Administrator; Ex officio-Academic Calendar Committee
  • Lynn Hepner
    College of Arts and Humanities-Academic Programs; Administrator-Strategic Planning Council; Ex Officio-Graduate and Undergraduate Councils
  • Jana Jasinski
    Academic Affairs-Faculty Excellence; Committee Administrator, University Travel Awards Committee; Administrator-Strategic Planning Council; Ex Officio-Commencements and Personnel Committees
  • Wendy Howard
    Division of Digital Learning-Center for Distributed Learning; Administrator
  • Joseph Kider
    College of Graduate Studies-School of Modeling, Simulation & Training; Faculty Representative
  • Frank Allen
    University Libraries-Administration; Ex Officio-Library Advisory Committee; Administrator-Strategic Planning Council
  • Kathryn Mitchell
    Finance and Accounting-Financial Initiatives; Administrator
  • Sandy Avila
    University Libraries-Research & Information Services; Faculty Representative
  • Scot French
    College of Arts and Humanities-History; Senate Representative
  • Xin He
    College of Business Administration-Marketing; Faculty Representative
  • Charles Reilly
    Academic Affairs-Space Administration; Administrator
  • Kerry Welch
    Student Development and Enrollment Services-Operations; Administrator
  • Michael Johnson
    Academic Affairs-Office of the Provost; Committee Administrator, Strategic Planning Council
  • Dinender Singla
    College of Medicine-Burnett College of Biomedical Sciences; Faculty Representative
  • Jeffrey Stout
    College of Health Professions and Sciences-School of Kinesiology & Physical Therapy; Faculty Representative
  • Steven Talbert
    College of Nursing-Nursing Systems; Faculty Representative
  • Michael Terry
    Rosen College of Hospitality Management-Foodservice & Lodging Management; Faculty Representative
  • Jayan Thomas
    College of Engineering and Computer Science-Materials Science & Engineering; Faculty Representative
  • Joseph Harrington
    Faculty Senate Chair; College of Sciences-Physics; Faculty Representative-Strategic Planning Council; Senate Representative-Information Technology Committee; Teach In Class
  • Reid Oetjen
    College of Community Innovation and Education - Health Management & Informatics; Chair, Graduate Program Review and Awards Committee


The committee shall consist of one faculty member from each academic unit (selected by the Committee on Committees in consultation with the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs); one student (appointed by the president of the Student Government Association); the chair of the Faculty Senate; one staff member (selected by the USPS Staff Council); one department chair (appointed by the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs); one faculty representing UCF Connect (appointed by the vice provost for UCF Connect); one alumnus or alumna (selected by the senior associate vice president of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving); an associate or senior instructional designer; and the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs. The provost and vice president for Academic Affairs (ex officio), in concert with the vice presidents of the administrative and academic divisions, will identify remaining members in an effort to ensure widespread representation across the university. The council chair shall be appointed by the president from the membership of the council. The vice chair shall be elected annually by its membership at the first meeting of the committee after the new Faculty Senate is elected, normally in the early fall term. Terms of service are three years, staggered, with the exception of the student members, who shall serve for one year.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To advise and assist the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs in developing and updating the university’s strategic plan.
  2. To recommend policies to support the university’s strategic planning process, including academic planning, institutional effectiveness, accountability, budget planning, and student services.
  3. To recommend to the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs the university’s academic plan and any budget or academic actions necessary to support those recommendations.

Committee Guidance

UCF Strategic Plan Website
Institutional Knowledge Management Strategic Planning Website Joint

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