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The University Honors Committee recommends to the dean of the Burnett Honors College on policies and plans for the college.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are schedule by the chair of the committee. No action can be taken at committee meetings unless a majority of the voting membership is present.

Committee Members

Sheila Piñeres, Chair
Dean, Burnett Honors College


The committee shall consist of one faculty member from each academic unit, and one representative from each of the UCF Connect campuses with students participating in the Honors Program (selected by the Committee on Committees in consultation with the dean of the Burnett Honors College), and three student representatives (recommended by the dean of the Burnett Honors College). The dean of the Burnett Honors College (ex officio) will chair the committee and identify other ex officio members. The vice chair shall be elected annually by its membership at the first meeting of the committee after the new Faculty Senate is elected, normally in the early fall term.Terms of service shall be two years, staggered, with the exception of the student members, who shall serve for one year.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To consider and recommend fundamental policies and procedures relating to the Burnett Honors College, including the general direction of the college and its programs, requirements, faculty participation, and curricular matters.
  2. To make recommendations to the dean of the Burnett Honors College on matters requiring judgments regarding faculty and student awards, scholarships, and other benefits.
  3. To make recommendations to the dean of the Burnett Honors College as required on disciplinary matters relating to The Burnett Honors College including the removal of a student from the program.

Committee Reports

The committee submits a brief annual report of the committees’ activities by the end of the second week of August each year. Below are the annual reports for the committee.

Committee Guidance

Interested in serving?