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Annual Election

The membership of the Faculty Senate shall be selected from the general faculty. Eligible members are those persons employed by the University of Central Florida during the regular academic year and whose primary assignment is to carry out the academic mission of the university, namely, teaching, research and academic service. Titles of these persons are set forth in the Definition of Faculty.

The Faculty Senate shall be composed of seventy-five elected members. Members are apportioned among and represent the academic units of the University of Central Florida in accordance with the apportionment criteria. Academic units shall be each college and the University Libraries. Annually prior to election, the membership of the Faculty Senate shall be apportioned equitably among the academic units based on the number of members of the general faculty in each academic unit. For the apportionment calculation, see Apportionment.

College Elections

Senators representing an academic unit are elected by a vote of the general faculty of that academic unit. Each academic unit shall decide on a mechanism for conducting elections. For details regarding the election process, see Nomination and Election of Senators.