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Since 1969-1970, the Faculty Senate has been the primary method for the mutual exchange of ideas between senior administrators and faculty. Senators collaborate and represent their constituents, thereby giving their constituents a voice in the governance of the University of Central Florida. The Faculty Senate honors faculty members that have served as a senator for ten years at the annual Founder’s Day celebration.

2019 Faculty Senate Service Award

  • Harrison, Richard

2017 Faculty Senate Service Award

  • Elshennawy, Ahmad
  • Walters, Linda

2016 Inaugural Faculty Senate Service Award

  • Kelliher, Charles
  • Koons, Keith
  • Leeson, John
  • LiKamWa, Patrick
  • Lynxwiler, John
  • Malone, Linda C.
  • Modani, Naval K.
  • Moharam, Jim
  • Pauley, Bruce F.
  • Pennington, Robert
  • Rautenstruch, C. Peter
  • Rusnock, Joseph
  • Sepúlveda, Jose
  • Stern, Mark
  • Taylor, K. Phillip
  • Tucker, Richard
  • Watkins, Cory
  • Weeks, Art
  • Whittier, Henry O.
  • Wink, Diane