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Archived 1970-1971 Resolutions

Resolution 1970-1971-1 Grades for Graduating Seniors

The Faculty Senate urges the faculty to turn in final grades for seniors graduating this quarter before Noon, December 12, with the understanding that this is a temporary policy to give us more time to establish a permanent policy.

Approved by the Faculty Senate on November 19, 1970.

Resolution 1970-1971-2 University Insurance

The Senate recommends that the University Insurance Committee take no final actions regarding insurance coverage for the faculty before the Senate has had an opportunity to review pending actions and make recommendations.

Approved by the Faculty Senate on December 10, 1970.

Resolution 1970-1971-3 Faculty Senate Concerns and Services

The Florida Technological University Faculty Senate is gravely concerned about (1) the possibility of campus disruption and interference with normal educational procedures and equally (2) the possibility of abridgment of constitutional and traditional rights of students and prospective students, faculty and staff in a public university. The Senate as a duly elected and representative body of the faculty wishes to emphasize and publicize its function as an advisory body of administrative officers of the university – and to offer its services in similar capacity to students of the university.

Approved by the Faculty Senate on December 10, 1970.

Resolution 1970-1971-4 Opposition to HB 341 to Abolish Tenure

The Faculty Senate of Florida Technological University encourages members of the House of Representatives of the State of Florida to join with the state university faculty in striving to improve and strengthen the present program of faculty tenure, rather than supporting the proposed House Bill 341 that would abolish tenure. We feel that abolishing tenure would be an unfortunate over-reaction to infrequent but highly publicized abuses of the present system. Abolition would do irreparable damage to the teaching effectiveness, academic accreditation, and educational worth of all universities within the Florida system.

We are gravely concerned for the future of higher education in Florida. Tenure is the primary means of protection for academic freedom of speech and inquiry within the universities. Without it we cannot effectively compete for the most talented and devoted educators whom we clearly need to sustain a quality program of higher education in Florida.

Approved by the Faculty Senate on March 11, 1971.
Resolution Transmitted to the Orange-Brevard Legislators and chairman of the House Committee on Higher Education on April 8, 1971.

Resolution 1970-1971-5 Opposition to SB 292 Twelve Hour Minimum Teaching Load

Members of the Faculty Senate of Florida Technological University need the support of the Senate of the State of Florida in building positive programs to improve education in the Florida State University System. We recognize the great strength of a professional faculty of educators striving to achieve positive goals of academic excellence and at the same time seeking professional excellence through creative activities and self-improvement. We fear that the passage of Senate Bill 292, pertaining to an enforced 12 hour minimum teaching load per week would threaten professional activity and creativity among faculty members and would jeopardize the quality of higher education in the State of Florida. By requiring that every faculty member spend at least 12 hours in the classroom regardless of the type of course, or the number of students, Senate Bill 292 emphasizes full-time teaching and precludes positive support to the faculty in creative activities, research, and counseling. This bill is proposed at a time when all fringe benefits to faculty members have been withdrawn and at a time when there is a bill before the House of Representatives to abolish academic tenure. Such a total “vote of no confidence” in the university can only lower the morale of the large majority of conscientious and devoted faculty members and seriously reduce the quality of higher education in the State of Florida.

Tabled by the Faculty Senate on March 11, 1971.

Resolution 1970-1971-6 Endorsement of University Studies Program

The Faculty Senate endorses the proposed University Studies Program as a substitute for the present Environmental Studies Program and recommends to the Vice President of Academic Affairs that it be implemented as soon as practical.

Approved by the Faculty Senate on April 13, 1971.
Vice President for Academic Affairs CB Gambrell referred the recommendation to the Dean’s Council.
Revised Environmental Studies Program approved by Gambrell April 25, 1972.

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