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Archived 1971-1972 Resolutions

Resolution 1971-1972-1 Faculty Senate Chair Release Time

In consideration of the time required for any professor to serve the Faculty Senate as its Chairman, the Senate strongly urges the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Dean and Department Chairman concerned to release the Chairman of the Senate from part of his teaching duties each quarter during the regular academic year.

Approved by the Faculty Senate on May 13, 1971.
Transmitted to Vice President for Academic Affairs CB Gambrell, College Deans and Department Heads on May 21, 1971.
Approved by Vice President Gambrell on May 25, 1971:

“As available resources permit.”

Resolution 1971-1972-2 Student Admission Deficiencies

The Faculty Senate recommends that students whose applications are incomplete would be informed of the status of their applications by the last day for official receipt of applications and be given 21 days to complete any deficiencies which exist or forfeit admission to the university.

Approved by the Faculty Senate on December 7, 1971.

Resolution 1971-1972-3 Evaluation of University Administrators

  1. Florida Technological University should institute appropriate evaluation procedures for periodic evaluation of university administrators.
  2. The evaluating body should be as large as possible to preserve the anonymity of the evaluators, and
  3. The Faculty Senate should be represented on the implementing and regulatory committee.

Approved by the Faculty Senate on December 7, 1971.

Resolution 1971-1972-4 Grade Forgiveness Policy

It has come to the attention of the Faculty Senate that it is the intention of the Registrar and of the Deans of the several Colleges to have each faculty member check the transcript of each of his advisees for the purpose of determining the applicability of the (as yet unpublished) forgiveness policy. As we understand it, the faculty member is to examine each transcript carefully enough to spot any instance of a course having been repeated or of an equivalent course having been taken, and to indicate the action to be taken.

This procedure appears to be objectionable on several counts.

  1. Whereas it is clearly an academic responsibility to make decisions as to the equivalence of two different courses it is just as clearly a responsibility that an individual faculty member is not qualified to discharge in so far as it concerns decisions about courses outside of his field.
  2. Since the purpose of the forgiveness policy is to aid students, it would seem reasonable to suppose that it is the student’s responsibility to initiate action in this regard. It is a gross waste of effort to check all records in order to find those few which need adjustment.
  3. It is desirable that the judgments as to which courses are to be considered equivalent be uniform. The plan now underway does not provide for such uniformity and, in fact, ensures that judgments will not be uniform.
  4. Under the present plan the work load falls very unevenly among the faculty. Some faculty members would have as few as five transcripts to check while others would have in excess of fifty.

Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate recommends to Vice President Gambrell that the implementation of the present plan for carrying out the forgiveness policy be halted and a new plan be devised which takes into account the above objections.

Approved by the Faculty Senate on January 25, 1972.

Resolution 1971-1972-5 ROTC Program

Resolved: The Faculty Senate recognize the establishment of an Air Force ROTC Program at Florida Technological University and recommends:

  1. That academic credit be assigned to all ROTC courses with the provision that no ROTC course may substitute for stated courses in the Environmental Studies Program, and
  2. That the extent to which ROTC course credits may apply towards degree requirements outside the Environmental Studies Program be determined by the College concerned.

Approved by the Faculty Senate on April 25, 1972.

Resolution 1971-1972-6 Final Examinations

  1. The university will schedule a final examination period to be used at the option of the individual course instructor.
  2. Comprehensive examinations should not be given during the last week of regularly scheduled classes.
  3. A minimum of 36 hours should be allowed between the last scheduled examination period and the deadline for reporting grades to the Registrar.
  4. A study day should be included between the last class day of the term and the first day of the examination period.

Approved by the Faculty Senate on April 25, 1972.

Resolution 1971-1972-7 WP or WF Grade

A “W” grade will be entered for a student who withdraws prior to the end of the fourth week of classes. After the fourth week students will be permitted to withdrawal from a course for only unusual, emergency, and non-academic reasons and with the approval of the Dean of Student Affairs. A student who ceases to attend a class or the university without approval at any time prior to the reporting of final grades will receive a grade of “F” in the course or courses so dropped.

Defeated by the Faculty Senate on April 25, 1972.

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