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The Budget and Administrative Committee evaluates and recommends policies and procedures concerning university budget with special emphasis on the academic budget.

Meeting Schedule

On April 7, 2016, the Faculty Senate Steering Committee established Wednesday as the standard meeting day, and 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. as the standard meeting time for the committee. Minor deviations in time are based on the agreement of the committee members. The meeting schedule and location is determined by the chair of the committee.

Committee Members

Keri Watson, Chair
College of Arts and Humanities
School of Visual Arts and Design

Adam Wells, Vice Chair
College of Health Professions and Sciences
School of Kinesiology and Physical Therapy

Meeting Materials and Reports

Agendas and related materials are distributed to committee members one week prior to the scheduled meeting. Minutes and materials are posted once approved at the next meeting. Below are the official agendas, materials distributed, and approved minutes and materials for each meeting.

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The committee consists of at least fourteen members of the general faculty, at least eight of whom are current members of the Faculty Senate; the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs or his/her designee (ex officio); and the Chief Financial Officer or his/her designee (ex officio). Committee members shall be selected by the Committee on Committees, in consultation with the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs. It is expected that each academic unit shall have one representative. The remaining members are unrestricted with regard to academic unit affiliation. Terms of service are two years, staggered. The committee chair and vice chair shall be elected annually by its membership at the first meeting of the committee after the new Faculty Senate is elected, normally in the early fall term. Committee members continue to serve until their replacements are appointed.

A committee member designated as an ex officio member is a contributing member who takes part in all discussions and serves as a resource person but is non-voting and cannot serve as the chair of the committee.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To evaluate and recommend policies and procedures concerning the university budget with special emphasis on the academic budget.
  2. To make recommendations on any administrative procedure that affects faculty members in the performance of their work.
  3. To participate in the academic planning process as appropriate.
  4. To make recommendations to the Steering Committee of the Faculty Senate.

Committee Guidance

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