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The Information Technology Committee evaluates and recommends policy and procedures concerning information technology and resources.

Meeting Schedule

At the August 25, 2020 meeting, the committee established Tuesday as the standard meeting day, and 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. as the standard meeting time for the committee for 2020-2021. The committee meets twice a month. Minor deviations in time are based on the agreement of the committee members. The meeting schedule and location is determined by the chair of the committee.

Meeting Materials and Reports

Agendas and related materials are distributed to committee members one week prior to the scheduled meeting. Minutes and materials are posted once approved at the next meeting. Below are the official agendas, materials distributed, and approved minutes and materials for each meeting.

Topics Tracker

Topic Status

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Committee Members

Glenn Martin, Chair
College of Graduate Studies
School of Modeling, Simulation and Training

Lee Dotson, Vice Chair
University Libraries
Information Technology & Digital Initiatives

  • TBD
    Graduate Student Association; Student Representative
  • Ryan McMahan
    College of Engineering and Computer Science-Computer Science; Faculty Representative; Human Research
  • Glenn Martin
    College of Graduate Studies-School of Modeling, Simulation & Training; Faculty Representative; Physical; Chair, Information Technology Committee
  • Taj Azarian
    College of Medicine-Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences; Faculty Representative; Human Research
  • Viatchelslav Kokoouline
    College of Sciences-Physics; Faculty Representative; Physical-Teach Online
  • Mehmet Altin
    Rosen College of Hospitality Management-Hospitality Services; Faculty Representative; Normal Usage-Off Main Campus
  • Ashley Salter
    Center for Distributed Learning-Distributed Learning; Instructional Designer
  • Julian Duque
    Student Government Association; Student Representative
  • Thad Anderson
    College of Arts and Humanities-School of Performing Arts; Faculty Representative; Other Research and Scholarship
  • Anya Andrews
    College of Medicine-Internal Medicine; Faculty Representative; Human Research-Off Main Campus
  • Matthew Hall
    UCF IT-Administration; Ex Officio
  • Lee Dotson
    University Libraries-Information Technology & Digital Initiatives; Faculty Representative; Library, Vice Chair, Information Technology Committee
  • Athena Hoeppner
    University Libraries-Acquisitions & Collections; Faculty Representative
  • Pieter Kik
    College of Optics and Photonics; Faculty Representative; Physical
  • Matthew Nobles
    College of Community Innovation and Education-Criminal Justice; Faculty Representative; Physical
  • Francisca Yonekura
    Division of Digital Learning; Ex Officio
  • Chad Macuszonok
    Office of Research-Research Technology; Administrator
  • Joseph Harrington
    Faculty Senate Chair; College of Sciences-Physics; Faculty Representative-Strategic Planning Council; Senate Representative-Information Technology Committee; Teach In Class
  • Sumanta Pattanaik
    College of Engineering and Computer Science-Computer Science; Senate Representative; Normal Usage
  • Adam Wells
    College of Health Professions and Sciences - School of Kinesiology and Physical Therapy; Senate Representative; Human Research; Vice Chair-Budget and Administrative Committee
  • Shengli Zou
    College of Sciences-Chemistry; Senate Representative; Physical


The committee shall consist of an Instructional Designer from the Center for Distributed Learning; a Librarian from the UCF Libraries; faculty whose work in the areas listed here requires high IT resource or support levels and who are engaged in teaching (two members, one teaching primarily online and one teaching primarily in the classroom), physical or non-human biological research (four members, including mathematical and information sciences), research on humans or human populations (four members, including commerce, social sciences, health, politics, and communication), other research and scholarship (one member, including arts, music, letters and other humanities); an undergraduate student; a graduate student engaged in research requiring high IT resource or support levels; two faculty whose use of and expertise in IT is not above the norm; the Vice President for Information Technology or designee (ex officio); the Vice Provost for Digital Learning or designee (ex officio); the Vice President for Research or designee (ex officio); the Dean of the Libraries or designee (ex officio). At least two of the faculty representatives must work primarily on campuses other than the Main Campus. Student representatives will be selected by the Student Government Association. Faculty will be selected by the Committee on Committees, which will attempt to achieve broad representation among colleges and departments, within the constraints of expertise, above. The committee chair and vice chair shall be elected annually by its membership at the first meeting of the committee after the new Faculty Senate is elected, normally in the early fall term. Terms of service shall be two years, staggered.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To assist in the determination and evaluation of faculty information technology needs and to review general policies in this area.
  2. To review changes to educational media and communications recommended by the vice president for Information Technologies and Resources.
  3. To advise the vice president for Information Technologies and Resources on university and faculty needs and interests in developing information technology resources to enhance the campus environment for teaching, learning, research, other scholarly activities, and service.
  4. To make recommendations to the Steering Committee of the Faculty Senate.

Committee Guidance

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